CEU MSc in Finance scholarships for January 2017 and September 2017


 CEU Business School’s MSc in Finance offers the following scholarships for 2017:

 1. NASDAQ scholarships
 · grant by NASDAQ OMX
Educational Foundation
 · covering full tuition
 · for candidates from emerging markets
 2. Empiricus scholarships
 · grant by Hong Kong investment firm
 · covering partial tuition, with possible internship in Beijing or Hong Kong
 · for candidates with quantitative skills from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
 3. Future of Big Data scholarships
 · grant by London investment firm
 · covering full tuition and dedicated mentor, with possible internship in London
 · for candidates with quantitative skills.

 Apply by October 1 for entry in January 2017, and by April 1 for entry in September 2017. Future of Big Data scholarships are offered for September 2017 only.

 MSc in Finance

 The MSc in Finance is a one-year program conferring a U.S. Master of Science degree. It has two entries a year in January and September, each comprising around 20 students from a dozen countries. The program is available full-time or part-time, allowing students to enter internships or jobs at any time. The curriculum has a strong practical focus, and a vast range of courses in finance, econometrics, programming and big data. Faculty have taught and earned degrees at Chicago, Wharton, Princeton, NYU, Yale, Boston, Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, Imperial and INSEAD. The program is guided by an Advisory Committee of senior executives from BCG, Citi, Deloitte, GE, Jefferies, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, MSCI and PwC, among others. Our Career Services Office works closely with global employers, hosts regular corporate showcases and career fairs, and runs its own integrated job platform CareerNext.

 About Budapest

 Budapest is among Europe’s fastest rising financial services hubs. Employers actively competing for international finance talent include financial services firms such as Bank of China, Citi, KBC, Morgan Stanley and MSCI, and non-financial institutions such as Avis, BP, BT, Diageo, EPAM, ExxonMobil, GE, HP, Roche, SAP, T-Systems, TCS, UNICEF, Unisys and Vodafone. Budapest ranks among the world’s best and most beautiful cities, and is home to a large expat community. Housing and living expenses in Budapest are lower than those in other major European cities. Hungary is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area.

 About CEU

 CEU is a U.S. graduate university founded by George Soros in Budapest, Hungary. It has 1,500 students and 300 faculty from 130 countries, alumni in 150 countries, and organized alumni groups in 72 countries. Times Higher
Education ranks CEU top 100 in social sciences including business, and #3 in international outlook. QS ranks CEU among the world’s best schools in six disciplines, and on par with Dartmouth or Northwestern in employer reputation. The European Research Council ranks CEU #8 in economics and finance research grants. CEU Business School has 200 students from 40 countries. Specialist degree programs include the MSc in Business Analytics, the MSc in Finance, and the MSc in Technology Management and Innovation. Dual MBA/MSc degree options are available.